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Electrical Calibrations

Ammeter (Clamp-on)
Calibrator (milliamp)
Capacitance Meter
Clamp Meter
Db Power Meter
Decade Box (Resistance, Capacitance, Micro Henry, Db)
Dielecric Withstand
Documenting Process Calibrator
Frequency Counter
Frequency Generator
Function Generator
High Resistance Meter
High Voltage (AC Volts to 8,000 | DC Volts up to 15 KV)
Hi Pot Tester
Light Meter
Load Bank (Welding Machines)
Megohm Meter
Magnetic Field (Gauss) Meter
Milliohm Meter
Modulation Generator
Multimeter (Bench top, Handheld)
Oscilloscope (Digita and Analog)
Power Supply
Process Meter
RCL Meter
Shunt (ma, mv) - Output Verification
Standard Resistor
Static (Wrist, Foot) Strap Tester
Three Phase Power Meter
Transconductance Amplifier
Universal Counter
Universal Timer
Waveform Generator
Welder Calibration

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